Red Chilli Sauce Recipe

By , May 1, 2010

The red chili sauce can be used as a side dish for many Indian snacks and fried dishes such as pakodas. It is simple to make and you can make the homemade sauce more or less hot based on your taste.

Red Chilli Sauce


Red chili (Lal Mirchi)  -  125 gms, fresh
Red chili pepper (Lal Mirchi)  -  2 tsp
Cloves (Lavang)  -  2 nos
Mustard seeds (Rai/Sarson) -  1 teaspoon, inside a muslin bag
Vinegar (Sirka)  -  1/4 cup
Tomatoes (Tamatar) -  250 gms
Sugar (Cheeni)  -  1 tsp
Salt (Namak)  -  2 tsp
Glacial acetic acid  -  1 tsp

Preparation method:

1)Grind the red chilies after removing the seeds.
2)Chop and cook the tomato till it becomes tender and them strain using a sieve.
3)Add chili powder, ground red chilies, vinegar, mustard seeds, salt and sugar to the tomato pulp and cook again till it is thick.
4)Now mix the glacial acetic acid to the thick sauce.
5)Pour the sauce into a bottle and close it tightly with a cork.
6)The sauce needs to be kept aside for a week before it can be used.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the sauce color then add half a teaspoon of red tomato color.

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